Ep 6: Dubai's Laboratory of Innovation


Digital Media & Tech in Dubai is proud to present episode 6--featuring our exclusive interview with Founder and CEO of Think Media Labs, Ayman Itani. Launched in March of 2016, Dubai’s top tech podcast focuses on bringing listeners informative conversations with local experts exploring the latest trends in the digital media and tech scene in the burgeoning international capital that is Dubai. Hosted by Spencer Striker, PhD, Digital Media professor at the American University in Dubai--episodes are recorded on location at AUD in the heart of Dubai’s Media City.  

Special guest for Ep 6, “Dubai’s Laboratory of Innovation” is Ayman Itani, Founder & CEO of Think Media Labs http://aymanitani.com/ , a company he created in 2010 to focus on the Arab World’s need for digital and social strategies to keep pace with cutting-edge global tech trends. A digital strategist, public speaker, and professor, Ayman displays laser sharp expertise of the digital scene--and applies them to help people better understand our ever changing world; to improve businesses; and achieve goals faster. Displaying indefatigable energy--while running one of Dubai’s top digital agencies--he lectures at multiple universities; speaks regularly at top conferences; and publishes online studies that give readers a sharper picture of shifting tech trends.

Topics discussed in episode 6:

- In our far-ranging discussion, we begin by discussing Ayman’s founding of Think Media Labs in 2010, and the story of why and how he built one of the Middle East’s most innovative digital shops. He talks about how the digital scene has changed rapidly over the course of the last six years; how he does his research; crunches trends; and tackles the complexity of innovation in an ever-changing landscape. We go on to delve into unique considerations that define Dubai as a market in terms of digital expansion and adoption rates.

-   Ayman reveals how he does deep data mining within the context of Dubai’s international, multicultural community and markets--crunching more than sixty data points. We talk about geospatial dynamics of Dubai and the unique characteristics of various neighborhoods and communities from a digital targeting perspective. And we go on to discuss his strategic approach to widely varied clients--from centuries old brick and mortals to the red-hot startup, Careem.

-  As a mentor to Dubai and ME-based startups, Ayman discusses the work he does for entrepreneurs and top incubators in the region; shares his optimistic prognostications for the future of the Dubai startup scene; and goes on to offer his valuable opinion on what are the hottest verticals for digital innovation and disruption in the city right now.

Hosted by:

Spencer Striker, PhD, Digital Media professor at the American University in Dubai


Special Guest:

Ayman Itani, Founder and CEO of Think Media Labs


Special thanks to Reina Dib and Joy Semaan of the AUD Marcom Team


Huge shout out to stellar AUD student and podcast producer, Rana Daoud



Audio engineering by AUD Digital Media’s own Anil Mathew James

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