Ep 3: Ibn Battuta Goes Digital


The third episode of Digital Media & Tech in Dubai is here!! Our brand new podcast focuses on bringing listeners topical segments and informative  conversations with local experts exploring the latest news and developments in the digital media and tech scene in the burgeoning international capital that is Dubai. Hosted by Spencer Striker, PhD, Digital Media professor at the American University in Dubai--episodes are recorded on location at AUD in the heart of Dubai’s Media City.

Special guest for episode 3, “Ibn Battuta Goes Digital,” is Nick Lewis, Social Media Director for Holler/Leo Burnett MENA http://leoburnettmena.com/ A specialist in non-traditional content in the digital space, after the acquisition of Holler by Leo Burnett MENA in 2011, Nick came to Dubai as part of the flagship t eam tasked with bringing Holler’s creative digital strategies to the region http://campaignme.com/2014/11/04/16088/social-specialist-holler-launched-bolster-leo-burnett-publicis-integrated-offering/

Topics discussed in episode 3 include:

The experience of taking Holler creative from London to Dubai and observing the city’s rapid shift to mobile and the social web. Nick’s analogy that digital/social technologies can be like the Ibn Battuta of interconnection. And some opinions of who are the key influencers in the region, including:

eL Seed https://www.instagram.com/elseed/

Sherif Fayed https://www.instagram.com/sheriffayed/

Nadya Hasan https://www.instagram.com/thefierce_nay/ (The Fierce Diaries)

Nick talks about the strategic campaigns for both Samsung and Red Bull in Dubai, including tapping into niche crowd cultures in the city via unique technical/creative approaches. For Red Bull, Holler/Leo Burnett launched the hysterical Flugtag event in Dubai, creating compelling lo-fi content while targeting micro-communities with clever storytelling


Finally, Nick discusses the exciting digital/creative challenges and opportunies surrounding the runup to Dubai 2020.

Hosted by:

Spencer Striker, PhD, Digital Media professor at the American University in Dubai


Special Guest:

Nick Lewis, Social Media Director for Holler/Leo Burnett


Special Thanks to Reina Dib and Joy Semaan of the AUD Marcom Team


And huge shout out to stellar AUD student and podcast producer, Rana Daoud


Featuring Video Game Remixes by the legendary Chris Bates