Ep 8: Dubai & the Future of Digital Music

Digital Media & Tech in Dubai is back with Episode 8, featuring Rami Zeidan, Head of Marketing for Anghami, the hottest music startup in the MENA region!

Launched in March of 2016, Dubai’s top tech podcast focuses on bringing listeners informative conversations with local experts exploring the latest trends in the digital media and tech scene in the burgeoning international capital that is Dubai. Hosted by Spencer Striker, PhD, Digital Media professor at the American University in Dubai--episodes are recorded on location at AUD in the heart of Dubai’s Media City.  

In our exclusive conversation with all-star AUD alumn, Rami Zeidan, we trace the story of his career, beginning with OMD UAE, where he cut his teeth in digital marketing, rising over the course of a decade to become Business Unit Director. While working at OMD full time, Rami did his MBA at AUD in Marketing, graduating class of 2009. Combining his background in computer science, and professional expertise in marketing, with his lifelong passion for music: Rami took over as Head of Marketing for Anghami in 2015, launching the music startup’s flagship office in Dubai.

We discuss the state of the digital music scene in Dubai, and the greater MENA region, and how Anghami, the region’s fastest-growing music streaming platform, strives to define the vanguard of digital music business innovation. Topics include how to overcome widespread piracy; the redefinition of success metrics in the digital music age; data-focused approaches to marketing the music streaming platform; competing with heavy hitters like Apple Music and Spotify; and Rami’s unique approach to identifying and growing talent. We hope you enjoy our exclusive talk with digital Dubai rock star, Rami Zieden, head of marketing for Anghami, the number 1 music platform in MENA, with a catalog comprising more than 17 million songs currently streaming to its more than 26 million users - a fanbase that continues to grow.

Hosted by:

Spencer Striker, PhD, Digital Media professor at the American University in Dubai


Special Guest:

Rami Zeidan, Head of Marketing, Anghami


Special thanks to Reina Dib and Joy Semaan of the AUD Marcom Team


Huge shout out to stellar AUD student podcast producers, Rana Daoud & Rami Hawa


Audio engineering by AUD Digital Media’s own Anil Mathew James

Featuring original Video Game Remixes by the legendary Chris Bates

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