About GameZombie TV

As the founder of GameZombie TV at Indiana University in the fall of 2006, I successfully expanded the project to the University of Wisconsin in the fall of 2009. Through hard work and leadership skill, I took the upstart game media studio from the kernel of an idea to 4 Webby Awards, 10 million unique video views, coverage of 24 major game conferences, one of the web’s largest game developer interview libraries, and over 500 original videos published to the web. At peak strength, GameZombie TV incorporates the combined efforts of an 80 person standing army working synergistically at two major American universities—cumulatively, over 500 talented people have contributed meaningfully to this dynamic game media studio.

GameZombie TV Accolades

In five years time, GZ has produced over 500 original game videos for global webcast garnering over 100 front page editor’s picks on major video sharing sites, front page articles in 40 online newspapers, and competitive visibility on the world’s top search engines. Official partnerships with YouTube, Dailymotion, and Metacafe, and a loyal fan base, pushed GameZombie’s global view count over 10,000,000. GZ's world exclusive video interview series--more than 200 to date--features some of the biggest names in the business, including Peter Molyneux of Fable, Ed Boon of Mortal Kombat, Todd Howard of Fallout, and Cliff Bleszinski of Gears of War. In the fall of 2008, GameZombie launched ButtonMashers, an original gaming news show shot in a $2.5 million HDTV studio—the first season garnered view counts in the millions. The highly anticipated second season, eight months in the making, dropped August 4th, 2009, quickly becoming the most popular game video series in the world that summer. After winning a 2008 and 2009 Webby Honoree Award for Online Video, GameZombie won the Internet Industry's two highest honors in 2010, a Webby Award and a People's Voice Webby Award.

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