About Galxyz

Spearheading product and creative for a new mobile digital media product, Galxyz, from concept deck to full-fledged startup—with funding from Relay Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, and Laurene Powell Jobs’ Emerson Collective. Responsibilities have included: 

Product design and development from concept to a fully realized next generation mobile product; building and quarterbacking cross-functional teams involving over 50 talented folks—synthesizing the efforts of a seasoned internal software team in Santa Clara, specialized international contractors, a competitive summer internship program (in partnership with Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center), and an award-winning external production studio (Filament Games, of Madison, WI); building from scratch an internal studio of mobile game development professionals at the Galxyz headquarters in Mountain View; utilizing entrepreneurial drive to define product strategy, and vision to creatively direct a dynamic next generation digital media product initiative.

Galxyz - launch trailer

Galxyz - media selections

Introducing Galxyz: Come for the Intergalactic Battles – Stay for the Science, Recode, James Temple, 4/29, 2014 (Product Announcement at Science House in NYC)
Get Your Kid to Play This Online Game and Win a Scholarship, Bloomberg Businessweek - Technology, Peter Coy, 9/24/14 (Partnership Announcement with the NY Academy of Sciences and the Global Stem Alliance at the United Nations)