GameZombie Wins 2nd Straight Webby Honoree Award!

Greetings GameZombie Fans!

Boy, do we have big news to break to all of you! Cries of joy can be heard echoing around the studios by the hour these days. Hold on to your seat and then give everyone around you silent high fives. Here we go!!

GZ's 2nd Webby Award!

GameZombie is proud to accept a Webby Honoree Award for the second year in a row. It's an honor to be placed among the Internet's top series, and it truly pays testament to how far we've come in such a short time. Thanks to all who've helped us get this far, and look forward to more stellar GameZombie content coming your way!

Ultimate Challenge has Liftoff!

If you think you're a hardcore gamer, then Ultimate Challenge will play out your wildest dream: to be sucked into a video game world and have to battle your way out, meeting classic gaming characters along the way. Shot in a $1 million HDTV dollar studio and utilizing top of the line green screen and motion graphics fx, Ultimate Challenge will make you wish your neighborhood was Hyrule.


Surely There's More

Oh, there is, and don't call me Shirley. GameZombie--armed with the strongest post-production team in game media--cuts, splices, and compresses two original videos per week. From our exclusive interview series, "GZ on the Scene," to our hit gaming variety show, "ButtonMashers," there's something for everyone.

Let's Get Together

If you're interested in advertising with GameZombie, contact Dmitrii Gabrielov, Director of Biz Dev, at . We'd love to integrate your product or website into our videos. Also, we'd love to exchange links with your website to combine traffic and optimize both our sites: 

That's all for now folks. Thanks for everything you do, and keep connected because GameZombie never stops picking up steam!

Very best,

Ryan Padgham
Business Team Lead

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